what does a personalized newborn photography session look like?

First of all, I want to invest my time into your potential session by talking with you one-on-one! During this chat (either in person, or phone) we can speak about my approach to newborn photography sessions and get to know one another a little better. Newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of your home and I take care of you from start to finish. Iā€™m all too familiar with the overwhelming production that is getting out of the house with a baby, so I bring everything to you. As long as you have a decent sized window with decent light, I will be good to go.

As a newborn photographer, my goal is to photograph the celebration and emotion that happens when someone new and precious joins your family -- the fierce love that only a parent has, the sweet wonder in the eyes of siblings, along with solo photos of your baby so that you can remember how tiny and perfect they are in the first few weeks in the world.

I only book one newborn photography session each day because I want to be fully focused on creating treasured photographs for your family.  I will take time to prepare you for the newborn session because I want you to have an amazing experience and I want the session to be personalized to your family in all its beauty and craziness. 

I believe that babies look beautiful just as they are and so I use safe & natural posing methods that are comfortable for your newborn - whether they are being posed solo or in your arms. 

My newborn photography sessions are designed to be a time when you can be truly present with your baby. The emotion you see in my pictures is the love that pours out when you are able to truly focus on your little one. Taking portraits of babies giving and receiving pure love from their parents is my happy place. Every child needs to see that how much you love them,  from the very beginning. And every mom needs beautiful portraits with their babies.  

After spending a morning with your sweet family, I hand-edit and curate your photographs. I will present the best photographs to you during our follow up meeting so that you can choose a collection that you love. 

There is no minimum ordering requirement but most clients typically plan to invest $750-$1700.