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What does a typical lifestyle session look like with Bindu?  Check out the newborn photography sessions below!

Our Newborn Session seemed almost magical. There we were, living life with all the chaos and clutter of a newborn and an almost 3-year old (not to mention we were also hosting my parents from out of state!) Our house didn’t necessarily feel like it would be the best place for a photo shoot, but you told me to trust what you saw behind the lens of your camera. Sure enough, the images you captured were amazing! From your photographer perspective, the photos ended up revealing the sweetest moments of life with our newborn, and amazingly, none of the clutter! :)

The experience itself felt easy. You naturally moved into our home for a few hours and took photos while we lived our life. I nursed and changed diapers when I needed to, we included our toddler when she was interested (and otherwise let her do her own thing), and you helped us get into posed photos in a way that looked and felt natural. Overall we didn’t have to work hard to fit the newborn session into our lives. You simply came to us, and we walked away with beautiful photos to remember what life was like in those early days of life with our son.

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