Here are some questions that are frequently asked by my clients. If you have a question not answered below or want to learn more about me as a newborn photographer, please contact me. 


1. Why in-home newborn photography sessions? 

I choose to photograph in & around your home because that is where your family feels the most free to be their authentic and genuine selves. There is something special about taking your first baby and family portraits in your first home together as a growing family. And, with three kids of my own, I know only too well the orchestration required to get out of the house with a newborn. It's not easy and I want you to be relaxed at our newborn photography session rather than frazzled from trying to rush out the door with a newborn or worried about exposing your little one to germs at such a young age.

2. When should I book my newborn photography session?

For newborn sessions, it is best to contact me before you give birth because I only photograph 1-2 newborn sessions each week in order to provide the the personalized experience that you deserve. Once you book a session, I add you to my expecting momma schedule based upon your expected due date. Once your baby arrives, we will determine the best time to photograph your baby, ideally between 5-10 days old. 

3. How long is a newborn photography session? 

Newborn photography sessions are usually around 3 hours. Your family is my only priority on the day of your newborn session and 3 hours allows for you to relax and simply love on your baby. 

4. What is baby-led posing?

Baby-led posing is an approach to newborn photography where I focus on creating a comfortable space for your newborn that is natural to THEM.   WHY?  I am married to a pediatrician and as a result, I am very focused on safety and comfort of your baby. Babies, even at less than 2 weeks old, have positions that they prefer and I will never force a baby into a position that is uncomfortable for them.  Instead, I feature their sweetness in comfortable positions that showcase YOUR baby's preferences and personality. 

5. What props do I use?

I truly believe babies are beautiful, just as they are. So I keep props simple - neutral blankets, swaddles and maybe a few hats or headbands.  If you have a special blanket or hat that you would like to include, please let me know and we will try to incorporate it into the session. For the most part, however,  clothes tend to be very large on newborn babies and so I recommend to have the baby simply in a diaper or a neutral onesie.  This also allows portraits to focus on your baby's sweet face,  little wrinkles and tiny toes. 

6. I've never done this before, how do I prepare for an in-home newborn photography session ?

During our pre-session consultation, we will go into details about how the morning will look at your newborn session. I take care of you from start to finish and will work with you to decide what is best to wear, which rooms are optimal for photography and any other related details. In addition, there are a few ways to prepare your home for the session (don't worry, spring cleaning is NOT involved) that I detail in this blog post.  Finally, if you have any questions, contact me and we will work through it together. (NEEDS LINKS) When I arrive at your home, you will be fully prepared and all you have to do is love on your beautiful growing family. 

7. What happens after the newborn photography session? 

After our newborn session together, I professionally hand-edit and curate the portraits from your session. This usually takes me around two weeks. I will then contact you and schedule a time to show you your beautiful portraits. At this meeting, you will choose the design and portrait to feature on your complimentary newborn announcement cards and I will also guide you through the ordering process. The portraits are also uploaded to a password-protected gallery that can be shared easily with friends and family. 

8. Do I sell digital files?  

Yes, I sell digital files and include them in all of my collections. I love the ability to share digital files easily on social media and with family and friends BUT I also strongly believe that art you can touch is incredibly important for you and your little ones.  Do you remember  flipping through your baby album with your mom and dad while growing up? Or looking at that family portrait that had its spot on your living room wall?  I do. Those memories imprint themselves on our minds and form a sense of who we are -- loved by family  and unique. Flipping through a digital photo album really doesn't compare, so I also include prints or  albums in all of my collections. 

9. Do I do other types of sessions?

Yes, I love photographing baby's milestones during the first 18 months of life and I also photography family sessions for prior newborn clients. These sessions are 1-hour and on-location. 

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