Story of Hope: Lakecia & A'Legacy

Hi friends, It’s my pleasure to share Lakecia’s story with you. She recently graduated from the LoveLady program! and I loved meeting her and her little girl last week. I know that great things are in her future :)


Blog Written by Tanisha Garnier

In the video above you’ll see Lakecia and her precious daughter A’Legacy. Lakecia is a resident of the Lovelady Center and has been living there for a little over a year. After facing difficulties with substance use, she decided she was tired of living on the edge, saying “I knew my life was supposed to be more than what it was.” She came to the Lovelady Center, leaving her hometown and family behind.

Upon arriving to the Lovelady Center she was embraced with so much love, and everyone became like family to her. She took steps to disassociate from past influences and pursued Christ-centered friendships with those at the center. To quote her, she is “totally a new creation!”

At the time of the shoot A’Legacy was a little over two weeks old. As a witness to the shoot, what Bindu was able to capture that rainy morning was breathtaking. Bindu took a drizzly gray day and captured breathtaking shots of Lakecia and A’Legacy in an empty stair well and in their bedroom. She tenderly talked to the baby while guiding Lakecia into the best light and most flattering positions. Bindu photographed many precious and natural moments with mama and baby, and each shot is absolutely breathtaking.

It was such a joy to assist her on this newborn photoshoot; talking with Lakecia, I could see her eyes light up every time she looked at her gorgeous daughter. Yes, her motherhood story may have had some unexpected twists and turns, but it was so encouraging to see the beauty in it all.

Regarding her stay at the Lovelady Center, Lakecia stated, “It didn’t break us…it’s making us.” I couldn’t agree more. To see such a strong mama determined to make things right, not just for herself, but for her children…it really was something special. And in her classic way, Bindu was able to freeze those moments in time with her newborn photoshoot magic. She’s something special, too.

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