A Story About Second Chances: Meagan and Josh

I met Josh back in 2016 when Josh sent a message on the OK Cupid dating site asking me about mountains. I knew I was interested then because I had been joking I wanted to meet a mountain man (I am an avid outdoor lover). There was only one problem- I was quite hesitant, considering I lived in Birmingham, Alabama and Josh was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  But as soon as I met Josh for our first date at Raildroad Park in downtown Birmingham, all hesitations were cast aside and I knew something unique was taking place. I still tease Josh that I knew I was going to marry him once I saw him walking towards me for the first time.

Written by Meagan Haltiwanger (soon to be Meagan Hubbell!)

Josh and I love spending time outside and exploring new places. Josh is a PhD student in the field of ecology and I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel abroad often, so it made sense that we would get engaged somewhere unique and beautiful. Josh planned a perfect proposal at Grayson Highlands park in Virginia, amidst the wild ponies and the stunning views of the Appalachian mountains.


Typically when a couple gets engaged, they start thinking about engagement parties, pictures, wedding plans etc. I thought of some of these things, but was hesitant. My hesitancy had nothing to do with Josh or our engagement. It had to do with the fact that this would be my second marriage.  

In 2015, when I was a new mom to a baby boy, I experienced an unwanted and unexpected divorce. I was mom to 11 month old Owen, and my whole world changed when I unexpectedly became a single mom to him. After spending time healing and grieving, I knew I wanted to give marriage a second try. I very much believe in the sanctity of marriage and trust and prayed that I would find a partner that believed in the same. Meeting Josh answered that prayer.


Trusting Bindu

I first met Bindu through a mutual friend a few years before in a book club and immediately connected with her. She was warm and friendly and intelligent and interesting.  I started following her on social media and was immediately impressed with her natural talent as a photographer. I loved the way her pictures displayed warmth and light and knew that if we were going to hire a photographer, I wanted to talk to Bindu first.

Bindu suggested we meet for coffee and talk about location and wants for the engagement pictures. Because Bindu knew my story, I felt safe with her and trusted her to help me feel comfortable through the rollercoaster of emotions in walking through an engagement photo session for a second time.

Making Pinterest A Reality

Bindu was incredible throughout the entire process. I created a shared album on Pinterest and we would message back and forth about ideas. I tend to be indecisive and would send her numerous pictures of outfits I tried on and she was so great at giving feedback since she knew the look I was going for.

We chose to take our pictures at Turkey Creek, which was a place in Birmingham special to me and Josh and it also had the exact look we were hoping for with beautiful scenery amidst a flowing creek. We all rode together to the site and it helped us get to know one another before the pictures began.


One of the most impressive things about Bindu is how easy going she is. We arrived at the park and realized it closed in 30 minutes. Bindu wasn’t fazed at all, and somehow managed to get us tons of pictures that we love! Bindu was the perfect blend of listening to our ideas and giving us suggestions of her own. She made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and had us take different poses to try a variety of angles.

One of my favorite moments was watching her navigate the rocks in the middle of the creek in January. I was so worried she was going to slip into the freezing cold water with her camera, but she was dedicated to getting the perfect shot.

The Reveal

Bindu and I face timed to look at the pictures together and I was in awe. I kept telling her she nailed it when it came to what we were hoping for. I was so nervous about how I would feel navigating the emotions of taking engagement pictures for the second time, but she made it such a unique and sweet experience, that my nervousness completely faded away.


The pictures are not only visually stunning, they also capture our personalities beautifully and Josh and I will treasure them for a lifetime. I have been telling everyone I know to use Bindu for any special life moments they want to capture. She makes the experience feel so joyful and fun, and her pictures are truly ones you will treasure for a lifetime.