4 Ways to Slow Down & Enjoy Baby during the Holidays

Right now, we are almost halfway through December. I don’t know about the rest of you but this is when I start feeling a bit exhausted by all of the festivities but force myself to keep going because Christmas day is still almost 2 weeks away! It can all get to be a little too much at times, especially if you have a newborn who is not sleeping in long stretches. My friend, Tanisha, wrote some great ideas on how to slow down & enjoy this time with your littlest bundle of joy during the Christmas season. I hope you try out at least one idea! My personal favorite is introducing hygge into your life - this year, almost every night we turn up the gas logs and sit with a cozy blanket right next to it. It’s just a little slice of peace during this busy season that keeps me going.

4 Ways to Slow Down & Enjoy Baby during the Holidays

Don’t forget to take a cute photo of your baby with some Christmas decor in your home!

Don’t forget to take a cute photo of your baby with some Christmas decor in your home!

Having a sweet baby to cuddle during Christmas time is such a joy. Their bright eyes fixed on yours; you savor each grin and coo as you hold them close. They’re too little to understand the concept of the holiday, and getting gifts just isn’t that exciting to them yet. So how do you involve your littlest ones in the holiday cheer? Here are a few ways to slow down and enjoy your baby during the holidays.

Read together

Pick up a few books from the library that are about Christmas or have a winter theme. The libraries here in Jefferson County do a wonderful job of placing similarly themed books on display during December so those gorgeous covers and flashy titles can catch your eye a little easier. For young babies, books with colorful illustrations with lots of contrast are great for their developing eyesight. A favorite in our house is The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. So mama, make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee, snuggle your baby close in your favorite rocker and share a sweet moment together.

Sing holiday songs

One of the most beloved aspects of Christmas is the music, of course! There are so many songs, both sacred and secular, to sing with your child whether they can sing along or not. You can sing songs that focus of the holiday themes that are most important to you and your family: love, hope, peace, and joy. Old favorites like “Rudolph” never get old, and don’t require the vocal range of a pop diva. Even still, if you’re not much of a singer, pull up some songs or videos from online and dance with your son or daughter next to the soft glowing lights of your Christmas tree.

Make something sweet

A baby isn’t really much help in the kitchen, but remember they are always watching, observing, and learning from you. If your baby enjoys being worn in a sling, wrap or baby carrier, bring them into the kitchen with you while you make a sweet treat. It can be something as simple as break and bake cookies from your grocery store’s frozen section, or an old family recipe passed down. You could even share the love by setting aside a few cookies for neighbors or friends who visit for the holiday. Either way, it is never too early to begin family traditions of creating together!

Bring hygge into your home

The Danish word hygge (pronounced “hue-ga”) describes a sense of comfort, coziness, warmth and joy. What could be more hygge than a soft-skinned, squishy-faced babe? Try to engage as many senses with your holiday hygge. Light some candles or run an essential oil diffuser with lavender and sweet orange, turn on some lamps with soft lighting, or sit and watch the lights on your Christmas tree together while reading or singing. Dress your baby in cute fuzzy pajamas, and treat yourself to a new pair of lounge pants too! Put aside your phone, snuggle your little love close as you nurse them or feed that last bottle of the night. If it’s cozy, warm, and comfy, it’s hyggelit!

See, it doesn’t take much to include your little nugget in holiday fun! So, what about you-

-What are some of your favorite family traditions at Christmas time? Any special treats or songs you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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