Birmingham Newborn Photography Session: Tanisha's Story


As a newborn photographer, I have the honor to be invited into your home to capture your unique story of celebrating a new arrival. Sometimes everything goes according to plan but often it does not .… but every story of your little one deserves to be told. Tanisha wrote her story below and it brought tears to my eyes. You can read more about her personal journey on her blog. xoxo - Bindu

Tanisha’s Story: Nursery Dreams Deferred

When we first moved into our cute two-story town home I was pregnant with our first child. As we unpacked box after box I couldn’t help but imagine early morning nursing sessions with our sweet little one in their room. I envisioned it all—where we would place the crib, the color we would paint the dresser—and I couldn’t wait to mother our first born in this new home. Sadly, about two months after moving in, my water broke at 21 weeks and our son Xavier was born at the hospital a few days later. He was too small to survive and he took his last breath on my chest.

Letting the Light In

After losing Xavier, my heart ached whenever I passed his empty nursery. Instead of the ideal nursery I had planned in my mind, there remained disorganized boxes and a myriad of unfulfilled dreams. As time went on and I continued to process my grief, I started adding things to the room that would have been there had our boy still been alive: a shelf with a few prints and trinkets, children’s books and puzzles, a dresser refinished in a lovely shade of blue by a dear friend. Slowly but surely the empty room started to let the light in.


This April we welcomed our daughter Ezra Joy into the world. She was born 16 weeks early and had a lengthy stay in the neonatal intensive care unity (NICU). While she was in the hospital learning how to breathe and eat, I diligently prepared her room. It was a scary act of faith to prepare a space for a child I wasn’t sure would come home. With every item purchased, crib sheet washed, and picture hung, I was readying this vacant space for the life that would fill it. By the Lord’s grace Ezra came home mid-August and has brought with her so much light and joy into our home.

Choosing Bindu Ann

When the time came to choose a newborn photographer, we chose Bindu without a second thought. Her style of photography was a great fit for what we were going for. We wanted a more lifestyle approach to newborn photography; less posed and contrived and more “real-life.” Bindu takes a natural, unrushed, and patient approach, allowing time for nursing, diaper changes, and outfit adjustments. Before our shoot she took time to meet at our home and get an in depth idea of our vision for our shoot. She went from room to room, studying the light and made suggestions of where we might take the majority of photos. We decided to spend most of our time in Ezra’s room and our bedroom since these spaces are where we spend the most time with her and where the best light in the house is. The pre-shoot visit helped me feel prepared and knowledgeable about how the morning of our session would proceed.


The Day of Our Session

On the day of our newborn photo shoot, I felt completely at ease and comfortable knowing Bindu was working with us. When our baby got fussy, she let us do what was needed to calm her. During those breaks, she still managed to capture some beautiful shots, such as me nursing Ezra by the window in our room. Bindu’s patience created an atmosphere where I was never flustered or pressured to fit into her schedule; she was flexible and so gracious to the three of us.



One thing that stands out in our time with Bindu was the way she encouraged us to interact with Ezra, and each other, the entire newborn photo session. While she snapped photos, Victor and I smiled, laughed full and hearty laughs, made silly faces, and breathed in every moment with our daughter. In a beautiful way, I felt all the visions and plans for this sweet nursery come to life, and I’m so thankful we had such a skilled photographer to freeze these fleeting moments in time.

Photo Reveal Day

About a week after our session, Bindu invited us to review our photos at her home. She greeted us warmly and led us in to her living room where two white shelves held prints from our shoot in white matting. In a word, I was stunned. I hardly expected to see so many photos in print, but I was thrilled she’d included this as part of the photo reveal appointment. Quite literally, she had made the many intangible moments of that morning—a look, a smile, a giggle—tangible and we were able to hold them in our hands.

She then took us into her dining room where we went through more photos and decided on our favorites. Bindu kindly offered us tea, coffee, and pastries to snack on, and even held Ezzi while Victor and I held up one picture after another, grappling with the decisions of our absolute “must-haves.” I was thankful that she allowed us the freedom to choose what we wanted and did not push us in any direction. Although I’m sure she had her own favorites, she made sure that we picked the newborn photos that we loved, that reflected our family, and that ultimately we would be proud to have displayed in our home.


Next, she ushered us into the living room where she had sample newborn photo albums and photo boxes. Once again, with gentle patience she laid out the options for us and allowed us plenty of time to make our decision. Bindu took her time and explained all of the different package options; she was professional and allowed us time to discuss which would be the best for us and our budget. After coming to a conclusion, and signing the necessary paperwork, we were on our way home—with a precious box of prints to take with us! Neither of us were expecting this, and so it was an added treat.

Overall we had a lovely experience and would definitely recommend Bindu Ann Photography to anyone looking for a professional, kind, and detail-oriented Birmingham newborn photographer who knows how to create special moments for you and your family.

Bindu is your Birmingham Newborn & Child Photographer. She creates love-filled portraits that you will treasure forever.